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Nowadays, age has perhaps tempered his rebelliousness Skiptrace — at 34, he has not blogged since 2013, stirring rumors that he may have been bought or silenced by the powers that be — but his reputation still has significant pull with a large swath of young Chinese. And while no one ever asked Zadie Smith or Jonathan Franzen if they wanted to direct movies, in China popular young writers seem to consider filmmaking a natural career move.  Just as Guo Jingming (The Tiny Times series) and Zhang Jiajia (See You Tomorrow) have been best-selling novelists-turned-auteurs, Han Han turned to directing in 2014 with his debut, The Continent . Part existentialist comedy, part absurdist road-trip, it pulled in an impressive RMB 629 million ($101 million), despite a strongly mixed critical response. When Han Han announced his sophomore effort, Duckweed, had started filming in October 2016 with superstar actors, Deng Chao (The Mermaid) and Eddie Peng (Operation Mekong), expectations were understandably high. Excited netizens speculated the film would opt for a summer release similar to The Continent, but in late December, Han Han confidently declared his intention to release Duckweed during CNY, just four months after going into production, a move both admired by his fans for its ambition and derided as cockiness. But this bold move may be paying off:  early praise for the film declares it Han Han’s best work and easily the best CNY film of the year. Even so, Duckweed’s box office success is by no means assured. Last week, controversy swirled around Han Han’s decision to use a theme song with what some deemed overtly sexist lyrics . Angry commentators lashed out at a director who could have used his influential voice Skiptracing to champion women’s rights, but instead seemed to embrace traditional chauvinistic values. Others, unable to take the song’s sentiment seriously, just accused Han Han of a cynical marketing ploy.

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