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Believed to be more than 250 years old, the temple is a popular jagrit site and devotees believe that prayers offered here never go unheard. The serene atmosphere of the place attracts more than 2000 devotees everyday who soak in the spiritual aura of the temple. It is said that the idol of Ganesha was found buried along with the debris of an ancient temple built by Hemadri Pandit here, a courtier of the Yadava king in 12th century. You can attend the aarti and savour modaks. The picturesque landscape of Ramtek makes every visitor spellbound. The spread of Satpura ranges, pristine sites and Ashtadashabhuja Ganesha temple enshrined here have a unique reputation. The legend says that an apparition of Lord Ganesha with 18 hands emerged in front of the local villagers who prayed to Bappa for good harvest. Later, a temple was built here where the Lord is seated in padmasan and all the 18 hands are shown holding different How to find an individual? ayudhas (tools). As per the legend, this avatar of Lord Ganesha—Ekachakra—or Chakranagar is mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata and devotees flock to this temple to offer prayers to Bappa to receive miraculous cures. There are some water bodies near the temple and the idol of the lord is said to have been installed by a sage called Vasishtha. Nestled in the picturesque rocky hillocks at a small village called Adasa on the Saoner-Kalmeshwar road, Shami Vighnesh Ganesha Mandir or Adasa Temple is popular among devotees.

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