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The Great Wall review – Matt Damon epic delivers spectacle but not soul With other Chinese directorial names such as Feng Xiaogang and Stephen Chow struggling to have impact outside their country, Zhang is the one best placed to benefit from the Hollywood presence. Originally part of the iconoclastic “Fifth Generatio n” , he Skiptrace Pro is now firmly an establishment figure and already has international clout thanks to Hero and House of Flying Daggers . His 2011 Skiptracing sites film Flowers of War , an account of the Nanjing massacre starring Christian Bale, was one of the first big-scale US-Chinese co-productions – but was a dud in the west. His $160m The Great Wall , released recently in China and due for release in the UK and US in spring 2017, will be looking to finally perform the great crossover trick so fervently sought by Hollywood: a blockbuster with integral Chinese elements that doesn’t alienate the rest of the world. Hence the contentious (in the west) casting of Matt Damon in the lead, opposite a raft of Asian stars (Hong Kong favourite Andy Lau; boyband fodder Eddie Peng and Lu Han; the up-and-coming star Jian Tian – who is also lining up for Kong: Skull Island and the Pacific Rim sequel). Tilda Swinton in Hong Kong to promote Doctor Strange. Photograph: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images The Middle Kingdom has been an integral part of Marvel’s dazzling success over the last decades – hence why Doctor Strange chose not to utter the T-word . Before The Avengers in 2012, the company’s Chinese grosses were negligible, with little or no culture of superhero films there. Since then, every Marvel release apart from the second Thor film has made at least 10% of its final box office in China. With its cross-fertilising cinematic universe able to spark interest in even marginal first-time properties such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man , the company has conducted a masterclass in creating and nurturing brand recognition in an ostensibly arid cultural climate; far more so than fellow Disney stablemate Pixar, which has struggled there. So China will continue to be an integral part of its strategy – even if it means that T now stands for Tilda, not Tibet.

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